The SHAME in borrowing one’s clothes

If you are a grown a** woman, you DO NOT want to be caught in this mess.  Under extreme and dire circumstances, maybe, and if it’s from a bestfriend you have known from childhood who has become more than a sister to you, then perhaps – otherwise you do not want to make this a habit.

You are employed; over the age of 25; a self-respecting woman – you don’t need to borrow clothes from anybody.  Let’s face it, the contours of a woman’s figure vary from woman to woman.  Sometimes it can be very obvious when someone is wearing a “borrowed” dress or suit.  It just doesn’t fit them properly and it looks a lot worse than had they just opted for something recycled.

Always remember that just because you guys are friends, doesn’t mean you guys will look good in the same styles.  What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander, and what’s worse, the drama that ensues afterward.  What happens when one friend doesn’t want to return the item or there is some sort of falling out?  I’ve seen it time and again and there is nothing worse than being called out in the street about wearing something that does not belong to you, and being asked to take it off….

Oh wait! I know what’s worse – how about the double borrow???  What’s that? You ask.  The double borrow, for example, is when you lend a blouse to a friend, who turns around and lends it to another friend.  You happen to run into the friend of the friend on the street three weeks later, to see her wearing YOUR blouse…C’mon ladies, this is so high school and should not be happening AT ALL.  As a matter of fact, if my daughter was high school age, I would certainly advise her NOT to borrow any clothes from ANYBODY.  Wear what’s yours.

Lastly, I’m sure we all know that regardless of how dire the situation may be, there are just certain items you do not lend out or borrow from others…I will name a few:





Am  I clear?


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