Top 30 Wedding Dresses

Low Cut – Spaghetti Strap

This dress is perfect sported with an up-do or a sleek bun as seen in the photo.  A long gown like this would be perfect for a taller, slender female.  

These ruffles just flow from the waistline.  Simply gorgeous.  This cut suits any body type; slender, petite or larger.  The strapless aspect of the dress allows for more versatility with the hair style.  With a strapless dress, hair can be worn up or down.

This one off the shoulder – egg shell white dress works with a taller/slender figure, but can also work with a curvier frame as well.  This dress has so much flare that less emphasis can be put on the hair, but an up-do would look just as well.

Ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles + a long train.  This strapless dress looks nice with an up-do, but perhaps a sleek ponytail, hair down or short style would look better to accent the shoulders and neckline.

Another dress for the tall and slender, with its lace straps and low cut.  This textured dress is studded in the chest area and very elegantly designed for a more formal wedding ceremony.

This dress is simple yet elegant and perfect for a beach wedding.  This one off the shoulder gown can be tailored for all body types.

Different huh?  I’m not sure what kind of wedding this is suited for, but it is sexy – not quite elegant, but sexy…

  This wine-coloured dress is embroidered around the neckline and train.  Perfect for a taller/slender woman, or taller/curvy woman.  A shorter version of this dress could work for us “Petites” if it were cropped into a “ballerina-like” gown.

A beach gown (simple, yet nice) suited for all body types.

Very Victorian and loving it!  Very few can pull this one off without ruining the look altogether.  The dress is simply stunning – though plain, and can be very sexy.  With a dress like this, don’t forget elegance!
Two looks for Pregnant Brides! They both work and can work well on any frame, though beware of the gown on the right as if not careful it can resemble that of sleepwear.  If opting for the gown of the right, perhaps throwing the hair up would work better and jewelry.  You will not want to opt for the “plain look” with that one.

This wedding dress is a fun dress and almost looks like a party dress.  This dress works well with a smaller, more petite woman, but may look too plain on a taller more slender woman.  This dress may be perfect for the “smaller -garden or outdoor” ceremony.
The ever so elegant White and Silver gown.  This dress is worn exactly as it should be.  Hair swept across the shoulders; tear drop earrings and the tennis bracelet.  The dress is accent enough.
This is another good look for an “outdoor or garden wedding”.  This Champagne-coloured dress is perfect with a pair of matching (also champagne-coloured) strapped heels and an up-do or short style.
BOLD! This Asian-style dress is sexy and very svelt.  This can be pulled off by very few and usually only works if you are having an Asian-themed wedding.
Sheer Elegance.  The silver trim around the waist accents this dress beautifully and gives the appearance of a higher waist.  With that being said, this cut can work on both petite and full figured woman, short and tall.
The long train – high neck cut.  This is perfect if you have a long slender neck.  If you have a short neck you may want to opt for a dress that is low cut in the neck line.
The perfect gown for us petites! Simple, yet elegant.
Another dress suited for Petite or tall slender woman.  The feathery tassels on this dress may give the appearance of more curves on an already curvy figure, however it really depends on the look you are going for.  It is a dress to fit a bride with a more “fun” personality.  Perhaps for a smaller wedding with a day time reception.
Simply gorgeeeeooouussss!!! One of my favourites – I absolutely love the detail on this dress.
This dress is another one that works with all figures.  For a more petite figure – a cropped version in a “ballerina-style” that shows a little more legs, could work.
Soft Pink.  The accents in this gown and hair piece do wonders.  Very fancy.
This dress is very busy, therefore the hair and jewelry need not be.

This dress is very loud.  Suits a tall/slender figure.  Petite woman should definitely stay away from this dress as the neckline would swallow her up entirely.  Hair to be worn VERY sleek, as seen above.

This patterned dress is simple, yet pretty.  Also perfect for the smaller “outdoor or City Hall” wedding.

I think this has to be my second favourite, but perhaps my first choice for me.  This dress is versatile in terms of body type and hair style choices.  Because the straps sit just below the shoulders, hair looks fantastic whether up or down.  The trim on the waist gives the appearance of a high and more slender waistline.  This dress gets an A++

One word – “Upscale”

I like this dress because it is one of the only styles that shows a lot of legs and if you have nice modelesque legs, you’re going to want to show them off.  Beware of the too-much legs and low cut cleavage, however.  It takes away from the classy appeal of the dress.

And #30.  This is the “Impress ALL” dress.  If you’ve got a guest list of 400+ people and you want to have THE dress that everyone raves about.  This is the dress – bleach white, elegant and with a beautiful train.


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