About Alexis

Having worked in the medical, real estate and legal industries for many  years, I have learned  that image is everything. Don’t be fooled by what  people tell you.  Looks DO matter; first  impressions are EVERYTHING.  You only get one chance to create that first impression and  hopefully, it’s a  good one.  Rarely do we ever get that chance to fully redeem ourselves – in  fact,  in most cases when we do, it’s already too late. 

Professional image consulting will help you feel just as good on the inside  as you look on the  outside, and vice versa.  You have to have the attitude  and the personality to match “the look” or  all inhibitions go out the  window.  Communication, body language, eye contact – these are just some  of the many important things to consider when going on a job interview,  attending a business luncheon or dinner and other work parties and social  events.  How are your mannerisms?  What bad habits do you have that you  aren’t even aware of?  What to wear? What fork do I use for the salad?  These are the “not so simple” things you may tend to overlook, that are oh so  very important to consider if you want to be taken seriously in the business world.Professional Image consulting will help bring out the best YOUwith confidence, guaranteed.  It will enable you to put your best foot forward at all times, going forward.  

What is required of you is a positive attitude and an open mind. You must be focused; willing to learn, set goals and accept change. If you’re ready to make some positive changes with an excellent portfolio to match, Professional Image Consulting is for you.


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