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Top 30 Wedding Dresses

Low Cut – Spaghetti Strap

This dress is perfect sported with an up-do or a sleek bun as seen in the photo.  A long gown like this would be perfect for a taller, slender female.  

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The SHAME in borrowing one’s clothes

If you are a grown a** woman, you DO NOT want to be caught in this mess.  Under extreme and dire circumstances, maybe, and if it’s from a bestfriend you have known from childhood who has become more than a sister to you, then perhaps – otherwise you do not want to make this a habit.

You are employed; over the age of 25; a self-respecting woman – you don’t need to borrow clothes from anybody.  Let’s face it, the contours of a woman’s figure vary from woman to woman.  Sometimes it can be very obvious when someone is wearing a “borrowed” dress or suit.  It just doesn’t fit them properly and it looks a lot worse than had they just opted for something recycled.

Always remember that just because you guys are friends, doesn’t mean you guys will look good in the same styles.  What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander, and what’s worse, the drama that ensues afterward.  What happens when one friend doesn’t want to return the item or there is some sort of falling out?  I’ve seen it time and again and there is nothing worse than being called out in the street about wearing something that does not belong to you, and being asked to take it off….

Oh wait! I know what’s worse – how about the double borrow???  What’s that? You ask.  The double borrow, for example, is when you lend a blouse to a friend, who turns around and lends it to another friend.  You happen to run into the friend of the friend on the street three weeks later, to see her wearing YOUR blouse…C’mon ladies, this is so high school and should not be happening AT ALL.  As a matter of fact, if my daughter was high school age, I would certainly advise her NOT to borrow any clothes from ANYBODY.  Wear what’s yours.

Lastly, I’m sure we all know that regardless of how dire the situation may be, there are just certain items you do not lend out or borrow from others…I will name a few:





Am  I clear?


Royal Blue seems to be a HOT colour the season.  Paired with red the duo can reeeaallly turn some heads.  Everyone seems to have the “blues”, but guess what?  Unlike the bronze/gold and neutral colours (Coral included) that also seem to be very popular this season, Royal Blue suits any tone and can be paired with anything; coppers, goldtones, silvertones, beeds – you name it.

Whose got the “Blues”?

Dita Von Tess

Royal Blue with Red is SMOOKINN’

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Lint balls * Deodorant stains * Dandruff flakes * Oily T-Zone * Food in between your teeth * Bad Breath * Flyaways * Food stain(s) * HAIR ON THE CHIN?!! * Whitehead * Blackhead * Ashy elbows/knees * Dry hands * Dry face * Chapped lips * Broken Nail * Paper cut * Early cycle * Stress headache * Unexpected (provoked) tears * Dead cell phone battery * Dead car battery * Allergies * Broken Heel * Run in the panty hose * Lost eye contact * Lifting/falling hair extension(s) * Nose hair * Body odour * Too much cleavage * Missing button * and the list goes ONNN….

 There are a list of things that a woman should NEVER leave her house without having these items in her purse:


Dental floss

Lip gloss/chapstick

Extra lip colour (if you wear)

Press powder (for oily skin) or oil sheets


Extra pair of panty hose

Hair glue (if you wear hair extensions and they have a tendency to lift when you perspire)



Cell phone charger or an extra (charged) cell phone battery


Tide white stick


Extra tampon/pad (ALWAYS – no matter what time of the month)


Hand moisturizer

Fabric tape

And one thing a woman should always have in her vehicle is a set of jumper cables or a portable battery charger.

Having an emergency kit stocked, packed and ready to go everyday can prevent some of life’s most embarrassing moments.  A travel size pack of each of the following is sufficient.  Enough to fit in a small – medium sized cosmetic bag that can fit inside of your purse.  Now depending on your needs, you may choose to add to, subtract from or modify the list.  You know what you will need on a daily basis versus on occasion.

It is always better to be prepared and take preventative measures, than to be stuck in a situation and have to find yourself asking a stranger for an extra pad :S

Gala – Ready

How to choose an evening gown that suits YOU

KNOW YOUR BODY TYPE:  Just because it looked good on Anne Hathaway on the red carpet, does not necessarily mean it will look good on you.  You need to know and recognize/accept your body type.  What are your best features versus your not so good features?

As women, we are all shaped differently – it’s what makes us unique and genuinely beautiful.  Some of us are busty and petite; while others are tall and slender.  Some, top heavy and some, bottom heavy.  You will want to choose a dress or ensemble that accentuates your BEST features while taking the attention away from areas you do not want others to focus on.  I, myself, am a short and petite woman of average size.  I wear a lot of smaller cocktail dresses, either strapless or with spaghetti straps.  I like to show a lot of legs, as this gives the appearance of longer legs (for me), especially with a pair of heels.  I try to stay away from longer dresses or skirts that hang below the knees as this tends to pull me to the ground and give the illusion that I am actually shorter than I really am.  I am also very busty for my size.  Flowing dresses or shirts also create an illusion that I am pregnant or heavy set.  I prefer dresses that are tapered at the waist, that way it also adds a little height to my frame by giving the appearance of a longer torso and longer legs.

The first step in choosing your look is knowing YOUR body type and what looks good on you.  Choosing a gown or dress goes far beyond just colour, but material and length.  After you have determined your body type, and perhaps gained some insight from some HONEST friends and store personnel, it is time to seek that perfect dress.  I don’t suggest you set your sights on the first dress you see.  Establish a budget.  Think of the occasion.  How much are you willing to spend?  Once you have established this, visit four or five stores that fit within that budget.  Try on a few dresses in each store, if you can.  If they will allow you to, take pictures.  Bring a friend with you and ask for their opinion.   Keep in mind that you want to choose a dress that you can easily match with a pair of shoes.

Once you have spent a day or two trying to find that perfect dress, narrow down your choices by selecting the dresses that compliment you the most.  Think of the occasion; what look you want to create; the impression you are trying to achieve and what fits best within your budget (by all means, DO NOT merely select the cheapest dress).  Once you have made your decision, it is time to get that dress! (just pray that it’s still there).  After dress comes shoes and after shoes comes accessories, including clutch.

Evening wear is generally more elegant.  You can never go wrong with black (when in doubt).  Sequence are nice, as well as studded dresses (just be careful of any fabric that is over-studded as it can make an outfit lose formality).  Try to refrain from wearing all one colour i.e. all black (black dress, black shoes, black clutch).  Your shoes should definitely make a statement – perhaps more so than the dress.  However if the dress really makes a statement, it may be enough for you shoes to be simply shiny and sophisticated.

Some important tips to remember:

1. Think elegance/classy (if your dress is short, lose the 6 inch heels)

2. Pay attention to your body type

3.  Girdles and SPANX can be your best friend (don’t let it all hang out!)

4. Stick within your budget!

5. Wear heels you can walk in – COMFORTABLY

6. If you can’t bend or stoop down in the dress, don’t wear it!

7. Think comfort

8. If your breasts don’t fit in the dress, don’t wear it!

9. If you don’t have enough breasts for the dress, don’t wear it!

10. Make sure the outfit is appropriate for the occasion

11. Do not over accessorize!

Your accessories should NOT look like this…

It is was probably named “Costume” Jewelry for a reason; meaning only to be worn “sometimes” and not all the time and if anything, if you fall within a certain age category, should not resemble remotely close to anything in the photo above.  When it comes to costume jewelry/accessories, less is definitely more.  Some people (very few) can get away with going overboard, especially if they are sporting a more 80s style – retro look; funky colours, bulky chains, large frames, etc.  If you’re not trying to sport the “thrift shop” look, then you might want to eliminate some of these pieces or as a matter of fact – ALL.

ACCESSORIES (note the difference) can really play-up a boring outfit, which is what they are generally used for. It is more affordable than real jewelry, even though we know it may lack in the longevity department –  sometimes as it tarnishes or withers, it tends to look better and because it is so darn cheap, it’s much easier to replace.   The general rule of thumb with accessories is no more than three or four pieces.  Bangles and rings should be on opposite hands (this can vary depending on the look you are trying to achieve and the occasion – the more formal the outing, the less pieces you should be wearing).  If you are wearing a heavy necklace; studded earrings will do just fine.  If you want to opt for long dangly or chandelier earrings, scratch the necklace altogether.  You will want to make sure the pieces match.  If you are wearing wooden bangles; gold-tone earrings will match – not pearl, get it?  Concentrate on one theme or colour scheme that matches the outfit you are wearing.  Once upon a time gold and silver could not be worn together, but there are a lot of people who have managed to pull this off.  If you have a two-toned watch , bracelet, necklace or ring – all the better in terms of mixing the two metals together.

Thankfully not all costume jewelry looks cheap.  If you don’t want to shell out the big bucks at a real jeweller, stores like “Bittersweet” and “Claire’s” sell higher end costume jewelry and accessories that tend to look a lot more “believable”.  Their pieces tend to be a lot more toned down and consist of silver, gold and bronzy tones.

Another one of my favourites (though not considered Costume Jewelry at all-), Swarovski.  Swarovski consists of real jewelry made of Rhodium-plated medals and real crystals.  Swarovski, though some of their pieces are comparable to some of the items sold at a jeweller, tends to be more affordable.  You will want to take care when handling your precious metals from Swarovski as moisture can cause them to tarnish as well, but they do last a long time and are well crafted.

So it is evident that costume jewelry can be fun or elegant, depending on the occasion, and definitely more affordable.  Whatever the occasion happens to be just remember that when it comes to any type of jewelry (particularly costume jewelry and/or accessories) less…is…MORE!

Shop for Accessories at:






Le Chateau

Suzy Shier


Urban Planet

Urban Behaviour

Costa Blanca/Costa Blanca Accessories

The Bay

Aldo/Aldo Accessories



and other department/retail stores


Okay Ladies – Time to talk BraTALK.  If you’re the lady who owns THREE bras or less; has not been fitted for a bra in the last year or has not gone bra shopping in the last six months PAY CLOSE ATTENTION.

One bra is not enough.  Two bras are not enough.  Three, four, even FIVE bras are simply not enough.  Bras are like panties, ladies!!! We need them in abundance.  There are different types of bras to suit all of our needs.  While there may be the “versatile” bra or the “five-way” or “seven-way” bra – that does not count for five or seven bras!!! That means it is ONE bra that can be worn FIVE or SEVEN different ways (this pertains to the STRAPS not the actual CUPS – pay close attention).

There is a bra for every occasion.  We have our classic everyday bras; this could be a breast minimizing bra, a regular supporting bra, half cup, full cup, or push up bra (depending on the shape of your breasts and level of comfort).  There are bras for sports, bras for the bedroom, lingerie, strapless bras, clear-strapped bras, underwire bras, padded bras and low cut bras.  Wearing the right bra is very important for your outward appearance.  The right bra corrects your posture and the positioning of your breasts.  It can add sex-appeal; whereas the wrong bra can add ten years.  So which bra is the right bra?

BRAS 101


Sexy, playful and is usually for the bedroom (teasing, in other words).  If you have been blessed with perfect breasts or silicone, you can get away with wearing this under a baby-tee and wearing as ONE of your everyday’s.  If gravity is not your friend, you will want to avoid this bra altogether as there is no underwire (therefore, no support – and therefore no appeal).


Used by women who are nursing (breast feeding) and in their last trimester of pregnancy (usually when lactating begins).  If you are not nursing or in your last trimester of pregnancy, you should not be wearing this bra at all.  It is time to trade it in and get fitted for some new bras!


Though this may be one of our men’s least favourite, it can be one of ours (comfort-wise).  I, myself, use to hate the sight of these bras.  At first I thought they were hideous, but I work in the legal industry, and when I need them to make my DD fit into a button-up blouse, this bra does the trick – not to mention is it ever comfortable.  Full support bras keep breasts in place while keeping larger breasts controlled.  For a more professional look, two or three pairs of a full support bra can come in handy.


This bra is perfect for a low cut, dress or top.  Getting fitted for a bra this shape is very important. There is nothing more unattractive than breasts spilling over in a bra and out of control.  At no point should any of your areola or nipple be exposed.  If this is the case, you need to go one or a few sizes up.  Breasts should always be in place.  Half cup bras tend not to provide the support that women with larger breast sizes need, but there are other options.


My favourite. Lingerie.  Not the type of undergarments you want to wear to the office, but perfect for the bedroom – enough said.


What an amaaazing invention – especially since some of the most sexiest evening gowns are low cut.  This adds the appeal and support to the breast area, without exposing the bra and leaving all the attention to the dress.  For a low cut dress, this is still a better option than a strapless bra.


I‘m sure we are all familiar with the good ol’ fashion sports bra.  In fact, most of us women started off with one of these as our “training bra”…some of us never traded our sports bras in for real bras (hopefully very few).  While they provide a lot of comfort, depending on your breast size and the quality of the sports bra, you may not be getting enough support.  Therefore, using a sports bra as an everyday bra may not be a good option.  Sports bras (hence the name) are for sports – not the office, not the bedroom, not for evening wear, etc.


Another one of my favourites.  What would we do without one of these?  Can you imagine if we were sentenced to only one type of bra and it had straps!  Strapless bras also come in full and half cups sizes.  Again, if gravity is not your friend, a half cup strapless bra may only get weighed down by the weight of your breasts.  You will need to ensure the bra fits secure and snug (not too snug).  If you find that a strapless bra is not holding “your girls” you may want to purchase the clear straps that can be added for more support.  NEVER wear a bra with straps with a STRAPLESS dress, please!

Hopefully this article provided you with some type of knowledge regarding bras, their use and the importance of owning more than one type.  Within that one type of bra, there should be more than one pair of that type as well.  In short, just like panties and socks, make-up, jeans and other stuff, bras are something that you should invest and keep up to date.  Take care of your bras.  The best way to preserve them is to hand wash them and let them hang dry, and for goodness sakes ladies – like panties – bras are NOT something you share with your girlfriends!