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How to Throw A Successful Dinner Party

You don’t have to be MASTER ENTERTAINER to pull this one off, and size of the venue doesn’t really matter either.  Whether you are working with an entire house space, apartment, condo or loft space, these following few tips can help you plan a successful dinner party.

1. Make a list and check it TWICE (a GUESS LIST that is)

Know who you’re inviting and how many people you are working with.  Don’t invite more people than you can accommodate, especially if you’re encouraging your guests to bring guests.  You will want to ensure that there is adequate seating for everyone.  At no given time should any one really have to stand and eat.

2. Theme?

Although this is not necessary (at all), a theme can make a dinner party more interesting.  Whether it is a themed menu (Italian, Mediterranean, West Indian, Vegetarian, Everything Tofu) or themed decor (Hawaiian, The beach, Summer, Winter, Christmas, Colour Scheme, etc).

3. Entertainment

Must have entertainment.  You cannot solely expect your guests to carry the life of the party with conversation.  Especially if you happen to be one of those people who moved every summer as a kid/teen; went to 8 or 9 different schools; and has friends from all different walks of life, who DON’T know each other, might I add.  Background music or music music is a good idea (please do not rely on TV alone).  Games are also fun, although bear in mind that not everyone is going to want to play games, which is okay – as long as the idea is there and there is some sort of entertainment.

4. Be a Good Hostess

Don’t just sit on your a** and expect your guests to help themselves.  It may also help if you have a good friend who can help you host the party, then you won’t feel so depleted by the end of the night and you, too, will be able to enjoy yourself and your guests.

5. Ample Food is a MUST

There should be more food than guests.  DO NOT throw a party with the idea that it is on a first come, first serve basis.  It is always better to have more food left over by the end of the night than to run out before everyone arrives or before everyone has eaten.  If ever you have to choose between a food or decor budget, choose food. It’s a “Dinner” party, not a “Decor” party.

6. Take Food Allergies Into Account

When sending out your invites, it is always a good idea to inquire as to whether any of your guests have any dietary intolerance; peanuts, dairy, wheat/gluten – just to name a few.  Bear in mind you may have a guest who is on a strict vegetarian/vegan diet or does not eat red meat or pork.  These are just a few things to consider.  As “hassling” as it may seem, it is best to accommodate everyone.  It is always better to avoid any potential hazard or danger, or any unwanted trips to the hospital.

7. Put A Muzzle on the Dog/Lock Up the Cat

Yes, the pets live there too and yes it’s their home, but not all your guests may be animal lovers.  Some people are straight terrified of pets.  If you have animals, it is probably better to keep them in a separate room (with a door) for the night.  For allergy purposes, get rid of any dander that may be stuck to cloth furniture and carpet…and for goodness sakes; febreeze, febreeze, febreeze!!!

8. Call A Babysitter

Some (very few) are able to pull off the dinner party after the kids have gone to bed.  Lord knows all of our parents were able to do it in the 70s and 80s, but if you know your child is the type to get out of bed and wander, it might be better to call up Grandma and Grandpa for him to have a visit for the night.  Having your child in his/her pajamas, around a bunch of adults in the wee hours of the morning is not a good look.  Neither is the disappearing act you will have to pull just about every ten minutes trying to put the kid back to bed.

9. Keep the Party Drama Freeee

If you know you have two friends who do not get along anywhere at anytime, then why invite both of them?  Sorry, but you’re going to have to choose.  For the sake of everyone else and for the time you invested in putting this lovely evening together, why put yourself through it?  You don’t want to have to be playing referee at any point during the evening.

10. Clean House – A MUST

Do not invite anyone to an untidy house or apartment.  Your house should be spic and span.  Powder room stocked with toilet paper, tissue, soap, lotion, hand towel and whatever else you deem necessary.

11. Serving Alcohol

Whether you choose to serve alcohol, ask others to bring and what you decide to serve as alcohol is entirely up to you.  Just remember you will want to monitor your guests’ consumption to some degree, and not have anyone driving home while under the influence.

12. Relax

If you have taken the time to plan this evening properly, everything will go smoothly.   If you’ve become a pro at this, you may find some of these hints useful or you may already be taking heed to all of them 😉


The SHAME in borrowing one’s clothes

If you are a grown a** woman, you DO NOT want to be caught in this mess.  Under extreme and dire circumstances, maybe, and if it’s from a bestfriend you have known from childhood who has become more than a sister to you, then perhaps – otherwise you do not want to make this a habit.

You are employed; over the age of 25; a self-respecting woman – you don’t need to borrow clothes from anybody.  Let’s face it, the contours of a woman’s figure vary from woman to woman.  Sometimes it can be very obvious when someone is wearing a “borrowed” dress or suit.  It just doesn’t fit them properly and it looks a lot worse than had they just opted for something recycled.

Always remember that just because you guys are friends, doesn’t mean you guys will look good in the same styles.  What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander, and what’s worse, the drama that ensues afterward.  What happens when one friend doesn’t want to return the item or there is some sort of falling out?  I’ve seen it time and again and there is nothing worse than being called out in the street about wearing something that does not belong to you, and being asked to take it off….

Oh wait! I know what’s worse – how about the double borrow???  What’s that? You ask.  The double borrow, for example, is when you lend a blouse to a friend, who turns around and lends it to another friend.  You happen to run into the friend of the friend on the street three weeks later, to see her wearing YOUR blouse…C’mon ladies, this is so high school and should not be happening AT ALL.  As a matter of fact, if my daughter was high school age, I would certainly advise her NOT to borrow any clothes from ANYBODY.  Wear what’s yours.

Lastly, I’m sure we all know that regardless of how dire the situation may be, there are just certain items you do not lend out or borrow from others…I will name a few:





Am  I clear?

YES…Your friends represent who YOU ARE

It is true what they say – “Birds of a feather flock together”.  So if you’re constantly wondering you and your girls keep attracting the same foul losers in a club or bar, you might want to check the “one” friend in the bunch who’s dressed “scantily clad” for it is SHE who is attracting them.  When standing next to her and he is eyeing the group as a whole – the first thing he isn’t noticing is your $200 MK heels; $80 FC clutch or your Bebe sequenced dressed…no – He sees skin and a whole lot of it, followed by (quite possibly) a pretty face.  He’s thinking one thing…

It is very likely that you and your friends will have different views when it comes to dating and jumping into bed with men, however if you have one friend who is known to be very “lenient” in that regard, chances are as a whole, the entire group will be regarded in that same way.  Don’t kid yourself.  As a clique, you may all have one or two common interests or similarities (shopping, spa days, same job, etc.).  An outsider is not going to see it that way.  So, how do you go about putting your best foot forward without having to ditch your not so admirable friend?  Make sure that when you go out, you carry yourself in a respectable manner – a way that you want to be treated and respected.  There is nothing wrong with being SEXY. SEXY is good.  SEXY and SOPHISTICATION go hand in hand.  SEXY and TRASHY do not; nor do SEXY and GHETTO, get it?  It’s all in the way you carry yourself; your mannerisms; your conversation and knowing when you have had wayyyy too much to drink.  No, you cannot always blame it on the “aaaaaaa- alcohol” because any respectable woman should know when she’s had too much to drink.

One more important tip – know how to dress appropriately for the weather and for the occasion.  Never be so desperate to bare skin that you are wearing a mini skirt and open toe heels in the middle of November or during a windy rain storm in March.  It’s a desperate look!  It almost looks as though you are going to the club/bar in hopes that you will be noticed.  If you are not too seasoned when it comes to evening vs. day wear; summer vs. fall/winter wear or sunny vs. rainy wear, there are so many resources (including the internet) that you can use as a guide, and a good friend will always tell another friend if they look like a HOT MESS.  Don’t be scared.  You will be doing your friend a favour (just use tact, you don’t have to be mean about it)…until next time…

First Date Ettiquette

You are going on a first date with him – NOT a soup kitchen during the Christmas Holidays.  Your main goal is not to feed yourself to your heart’s content (as if you’ve never seen food since the rent was paid on the first of the month – and I don’t care how hungry you are). Your main goal is to create a good and lasting first impression.  Hopefully, and depending on where his head is, this is his goal too.

Be yourself.  This is my best advice, but with that being said, be your “best” self; well mannered, polite, charming, decisive and “matter of fact”,  if you need to be.

1. If he is taking you to dinner, don’t obnoxiously order the most expensive course on the dinner menu to test his pockets.  Men can see through this and if you plan on hearing from him again, this surely isn’t the way (one way to combat wanting to order everything in sight out of genuine hunger and a long day, eat a tiny snack before you leave home).

2. Don’t order more than you know you can finish (in other words, don’t be a glutten).

3. Dress appropriately for the occasion.  A formal dinner requires formal attire; sports bar is casual attire (not sweats – but something cute like jeans and a one off the shoulder top); mini-golfing, again, dress appropriately; a movie – again more semi-cas.  You don’t want to be silly and be inappropriately dressed for the occasion, yet you don’t ever want to be under-dressed for the occasion either.

4. Unless you’re planning on sleeping with him on the first date – leave the cleavage tops and booty shorts at home (it looks trashy, not sexy).  In this case less does not mean more.  If you need to dress like this on your first date to impress him, don’t think for a moment he cannot see there are underlying issues there.  He will know exactly how to butter you up to get you wear he wants you and the likelihood of getting a phone call the next day??? Maybe if he’s looking for a booty call…

5.  Remember to show your appreciation for wherever he takes you.  Even if the food or service is not that great.  No need to get all “Shaquita-Shaquan” if the waitress mixes up your order.  Maintain class and if anything, be “matter-of-fact”.

6. You do not pay for the first date or the first few, anyway.  If he insists you guys go dutch, don’t see him again.

7. Be a good conversationalist…and by this I don’t mean to spend the entire evening talking about your ex or why you don’t get along with other females.

8. Give him a chance to speak and be a good listener.

9. Be attentive.  If you’re really into him, show him you are by being engaging.

10.  You don’t need to tell your whole life story on the first date (hopefully he knows this as well).  If things go well, there will be plenty of time to get to know each other.  Enjoy the time together and have fun.

Read more about first dates:



Lint balls * Deodorant stains * Dandruff flakes * Oily T-Zone * Food in between your teeth * Bad Breath * Flyaways * Food stain(s) * HAIR ON THE CHIN?!! * Whitehead * Blackhead * Ashy elbows/knees * Dry hands * Dry face * Chapped lips * Broken Nail * Paper cut * Early cycle * Stress headache * Unexpected (provoked) tears * Dead cell phone battery * Dead car battery * Allergies * Broken Heel * Run in the panty hose * Lost eye contact * Lifting/falling hair extension(s) * Nose hair * Body odour * Too much cleavage * Missing button * and the list goes ONNN….

 There are a list of things that a woman should NEVER leave her house without having these items in her purse:


Dental floss

Lip gloss/chapstick

Extra lip colour (if you wear)

Press powder (for oily skin) or oil sheets


Extra pair of panty hose

Hair glue (if you wear hair extensions and they have a tendency to lift when you perspire)



Cell phone charger or an extra (charged) cell phone battery


Tide white stick


Extra tampon/pad (ALWAYS – no matter what time of the month)


Hand moisturizer

Fabric tape

And one thing a woman should always have in her vehicle is a set of jumper cables or a portable battery charger.

Having an emergency kit stocked, packed and ready to go everyday can prevent some of life’s most embarrassing moments.  A travel size pack of each of the following is sufficient.  Enough to fit in a small – medium sized cosmetic bag that can fit inside of your purse.  Now depending on your needs, you may choose to add to, subtract from or modify the list.  You know what you will need on a daily basis versus on occasion.

It is always better to be prepared and take preventative measures, than to be stuck in a situation and have to find yourself asking a stranger for an extra pad :S

A bad relationship wears like bad makeup: It shows

Need I say more?  Frankly, as Kris Jenner says in this week’s issue of InTouch Magazine (which I happened to pick up this week and I’m not citing word for word here), the guy or girl you are with should adore you.  Yes you will have your ups and downs in a relationship.  Relationships are hard work and a lot of give and take, but if you find yourself constantly second-guessing whether you want to be in the relationship to begin with; whether or not you want to date other people or if you find you are bringing your relationship problems to work or school with you almost everyday, it may be time for you to revisit that current situation.  Your bitterness shows, don’t even THINK for a minute that you can mask it.