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So we all have our off days. Today was mine. It all started from last night. I asked my daughter, who is 9 (and mind you, 9 is the new 12 or 13) to borrow her bottle of shampoo.  I get her the good stuff as she has a full curly mane that requires lots of hydration. Between her and her sister, I spare myself and sometimes use the drug store brands once in a while with my short do’s (I’m in the salon regularly anyway), so anyway – I ask her for her shampoo. With this nervous look on her face she tells me that both her shampoo and conditoner – both JUMBO bottles of Biolage that I bought TWO MONTHS AGO – are finished. This is 9 year old code for “I don’t know where it is” or more like “I think I left them in the change room at the pool”…it’s late.  No time to interrogate, I settle for my little tyke’s (she’s 3 going on 23) L’Oreal 2 and 1 Shampoo and Conditioner…no tears. When shower time was over I was even more perplexed to find  that I had next to NO hair products remaining.  No leave in, no styling foam, no NOTHING.  I already knew the sleek look I have been rocking for the past two weeks, which I love (low maintenance, lots of compliments) would NOT be happening the following morning.  I knew then that it was quick to bed, for I will be up at 530 am flat ironing poofy hair.

Did I not miss the 530 wake up call??? 620 I jump out of bed realizing I have 40 mins to shower, style, dress, get the girls together and fly out the door.  Cleverly, I remembered saving the last little emergency bit of styling foam just incase I had to wear the sleek look…but when I exit the shower..the bottle is gone.  It’s the 9 year old! She’s done it again! The moment she hears the water turn on she will come in like a thief in the night and snag mommy’s hair products (as if she does not already have her own!!!)…I swear it’s like living with a teenager already. If it weren’t for the bright red streaks in my hair, I would truly look like a HOT mess.  The red gives the appearance of a more shagged or the “bed head” look (luckily for me), but it’s not the look I would have wanted to go for. So, what did I do? No hair products – bed head hair. I went very light and clean with the make up.  I didn’t want to over do it.  I went for wild/punky/tossled hair; soft in the face (so clear complexion, light make up with a touch of mascara on the upper and lower lashes and shimmery lip gloss).  I kept the blouse and the trousers in-sync (BLACK), a constrast belt around the waste and a soft taupe-rose coloured cardi.  Yes, I mastered this look in 15 minutes.  You get use to it after awhile.  I even opted for no earrings.  The plain, tomboy – yet chic, look.  Problem solved, but could have been well avoided.

So what did I learn from all of this?  

1. Follow my own advice to always wake up 20 mins earlier because you never know what you will have to improvise in the morning.

2. Keep hair products well stocked (I should know better)

3. I am going to take my 9 year old shopping, yet again, for the hair products she feels she might need – to preserve MINE!

4. Keep an emergency stash of all the extras in a drawer at work 😉

Aaand this is me, signing off!